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The cleanup process is crucial if you want to fully rid your home of future infestations of these rodents. Our process will help rid these animals of your home to cause you the exact same problem you were dealing with in the first place.  

These animals can destroy many vital parts of your homes structure, tear into you current insulation, dig through your air vents, chew up electrical lines and leave behind harmful waste and bacteria in your home. Our goal is to help make your home a safer place for you and your family to live.  

We specialize in attic cleanup services. If you have had any infestation problems of any kind in the past call us today to clean it up for you at 888-401-8368.

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Attic Clean Up Services

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Dr. Air Care we can help with your attic clean up job. Over the course of time attic insulation can deteriorate and lose its efficency. Also many older homes have had rodents and pest leave behind feces and droppings that can contaminate your home. These dropping leave behind a scent that will continue to attract these rodents into your home year after year. We can provide attic cleaning services to remove any debris and feces that is left behind by these critters to prevent them from coming back. 

You can hire an exterminator to come into your home and chase these pesty rodents away, but this alone will not eliminate them from coming back year after year. 

The exterminators job is to remove these rodents from you home at the time of their service, but not to permanently rid your house of these pesky creatures. Exterminators do not perform any cleanup of the dead carcases or any of the feces left behind by these rodents, which is the real issue in the first place that keeps them coming back.
Insulation is the most basic, cost effective way to lower your homes energy usage and improve the comfort level of your home.
The majority of homeowners can save both energy and money each month by reducing their heating bill by adding additional insulation to their home. Good insulation is permanent, maintenance free and can return your investment by lowering your energy bills. 

We can provide you an inspection of your attic and provide you a professional opinion to help you determine the best course of action. 
We are here to help you with your need and come in and do all of the dirty work. We will completely clean out your entire attic and disinfect it so that we eliminate any odors that are left behind after your rodents have left. Our attic cleaning service is so effective that we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
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Does your attic look like this?
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Insulation Replacement and Attic Cleaning in Los Angeles
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Attic Insulation
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