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Attic fans are designed to exhaust the trapped hot air out of your attic
Attic fans work on a thermostat and when you attic reaches a certain temperature the attic fan turns on to blow the hot air out. Dr. Air Care Environmental Group recommends attic fans to people who have existing cooling systems since these fans can considerably lessen the demand on air conditioning units and make the upper levels of the home cooler. These fans work very well in the southern California climate since it is dry and cools down in the evenings. They can be installed on the roof or in a gable of your home. For these fans to work properly the attic space needs to have intake ventilation as well. The amount of intake depends on the size of fan you have installed. Our experts can diagnose your specific situation and get you on the road to having a cool, comfortable, and energy efficient summer! 
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attic fan
Hot Air Out
Gets hotter and hotter all day
Air conditioner never stops
Air conditioner runs much less
COOL attic air is 60 degrees cooler.
Less heat penetrates rooms. Just a little power removes a lot of heat.
SUPER HOT 150 degrees
Attic temperature penetrates
living space.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Asthma & Allergy Friendly
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