"Dr air care is an air pro, a life saver. They ask the right questions to find out what my main concerns were. I will highly recommend Dr. Air care to family & friends."
- Lindsey S.

"They came out to inspect the air in our home due to allergy issues weve been suffering from. They came like an air monsters cleaned my air , educated me on how to keep my air clean. I am very thankful for the service and we are feeling much better, Our allergies are gone at least when we are at home. Thank you Dr. Air Care , It was a pleasure to meet you. Your more then a DR. in our book.
- John K.


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Privacy Policy
Updated: June 15th, 2012

Our Commitment To Privacy

Our Privacy Policy is in place to help you to understand how we collect and use your personal information in association with our advertising, content, and promotional service programs including business activities to help you in making informed decisions when using our site and or products and services.

The Information We Collect

When you come and visit our site we may collect two types of information: a) personal information you choose to disclose and b) information that is automatically collected by our servers or obtained by third parties in a way that is not directly visible to you.

a) Information you choose to provide. By choosing to participate in one of our services, you must become a subscribing member by disclosing the following information, such as: your name, address, phone number, email address, and date of birth.  During the process of registering on our site, we additionally collect the following information which may include, mobile telephone number, fax number, and payment information including credit card number and associated billing address. 

b) Passive information collected automatically by our servers or obtained from third parties.  We collect some information about you simply by you connecting to our website.  Our servers automatically identify your computer by its Internet protocol ("IP") address, which is a unique string of numbers that are assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider.  In addition, to enroll in our service you must allow cookies to be active on your computers settings.  Cookies are a feature of a web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) that allow web servers to recognize which computer is used to access a website.  Cookies simplify many interactions on our website and help process your interactions on related web pages.  This information collected may include the date and time of your visits, the site pages you viewed, the time spent at each page and the websites you visited just before and after our website.  You can disable the cookie function of your computer web browser by following the instructions in the "help" section of your web browser.  By doing this it may likely make it impossible for our system to properly recognize you when you visit our website.

The term “Information” is used in this policy and refers to both types of information described above, as well as any Information that you provide to us directly by phone (including any phone number displayed by caller ID), text or SMS message, U.S. mail or through any other written or oral communication with us including fax.

How We Use And Share The Information Collected

We use your Information to administer our business activities, provide customer services such as technical support, distribute information about changes to our site, and send you, and enable others to send you, information about products and services that may be of interest to you and to contact you or use your Information for any other purpose. We send communications to you ourselves, and your Information also is shared with other organizations that may contact you for any purpose by email, phone, text message, U.S. mail or any other means of communication.

OPT-IN NOTICE: By Participating, You Expressly “Opt In” To Receive Information And Grant Us Permission To Share Your Information

By signing up for our Program you expressly opt in to receive future information about products and services from us and from a variety of advertisers to whom we may provide your Information. We will share your personal information with third parties, including our advertisers, for any reason we choose, including without limitation for the following purposes: (1) to operate our Program (including the transfer of the information to advertisers or to third parties who maintain on our behalf a list of persons having registered with our Program), (2) to permit advertisers or other third parties to use your Information for any purpose such as contacting you by email, phone, text message, U.S. mail or any other means of communication for any purpose, (3) to confirm you have completed all of the necessary steps to receive your gift, and (4) as we are required to do by law, including to notify the IRS that you received your gift. As a result, we will transfer your Information to third parties whose privacy policies and practices are beyond our control.

In addition, in the event we consider a transaction involving the purchase or sale of our assets or stock, other companies may review our records, including your Information, to make business decisions about the transaction. Likewise, your Information may be transferred to third parties in the event of the sale or acquisition of our company or any of its assets. The parties who perform services for us (credit card processors, merchant banks, our Internet service provider, etc.) also may have access to your information in performing their services.

Special Note About Information You Provide Directly To Our Advertisers.

You are able to access certain advertiser’s sites through our site. When you opt to receive information or sign up for an offer from an advertiser, you may be doing so through third party sites and with other companies over which we have no control. You should read those sites’ privacy policies to make sure you agree to them before using such sites. If you wish to opt out of those advertisers’ mailings, you must do so directly with such advertisers or as otherwise provided on or through their sites.

Security Of Your Information.

We use reasonable technical efforts to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, or accidental loss or destruction of Information. However, nearly all Internet transmissions pass through many servers not controlled by us, and therefore we cannot guarantee that any information you provide us or we collect will not be intercepted or altered in that process. Also, as noted above, your Information is shared with third parties whose privacy policies and practices are beyond our control.

How You Can Choose To “Opt Out” Of Receiving Further Information About Products Or Services

If at any time you do not wish to receive further information about products or services from us and wish us to cease providing your Information to third parties, you may chose to “opt-out” through the Unsubscribe/”Opt-Out” page of our site or by written request sent by U.S. mail to our Customer Service Manager at the following address:

Dr. Air Care, LLC
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Or by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in our newsletter emails.

We will promptly update our records upon receiving your clear instructions to opt-out, but it may take up to ten (10) business days from our receipt of your request for the change to be fully effective. If you later give us a clear statement that you want to receive emails from us or our advertisers after such date, then that opt-in statement will supersede any earlier opt-out request. If we have already provided your email address or other information to an advertiser or other third party before we receive your opt-out request, we cannot prevent them from sending or continuing to send you information or emails and you will need to contact such third party directly.

How To Correct, Delete Or Access Your Information

If you wish to access, delete or correct the information you have provided to us through this site, please contact us through the Contact Us section of our site or through written request sent by U.S. mail to the Customer Service Manager at the address listed above.


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